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Our history

This is the story
of a summer love.

A summer love that isn't necessarily about two people, or one specific experience, or feelings of tender affection (or even summer!), but that embraces all of it.
Love for the peachy Madrid skies when the sun is hiding. Love for a beer al fresco in Lavapiés over a conversation about the cute folks you met last night. Love for endless lunches where the menu is yummy, but the company is yummier.

Love for losing yourself in the stunning streets of Madrid, where so many people have laughed, or cried, or kissed. Whatever they've done — they've definitely lived, as will you.

Our beginnings in Lavapiés

TCH LAVAPIES is the first of many more hostels, coming soon!!!

When we found this little piece of old Madrid in Lavapiés, we thought it would be the perfect place for you and your friends to be able to stay with us and enjoy a multitude of experiences…

You’ll enjoy the neighbourhood, you’ll enjoy Madrid and on top of that… we want you to enjoy our Citynizer space where you’ll be able to experience shows, activities and share unforgettable experiences, in addition to sampling our culinary offerings. And, of course, you’ll be able to enjoy everything with your friends. You won’t want to leave!!!

We’re waiting for you and we’re counting on you to visit many more cities, staying at the next TCHs, coming soon…

Welcome to the TCH family.