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The Central House Madrid Lavapiés

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28012 Madrid, Spain

Citynizer Plaza

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How to get here from the airport (Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez)

Getting here by metro

The quickest and easy way to get to our hostel from the airport by metro is as follows:

Go to the entrance of the metro and you’ll see an entrance for the T1, T2 and T3 lines (level 1) and another for the T4 line (level -1). You’ll be able to buy metro tickets from the machines located at all stations. You can buy a single ticket, which is valid for a single journey, or the Tourist Travel Pass if you’re planning to travel around the city during your time in Madrid. This is a multi-day pass that can be used on all of the city’s public transport (metro, light rail, bus and Renfe commuter trains). The price of a single ticket is €1.50 + a supplement of €3, which is required to cover the journey as well as entering and leaving the airport stations. The fee for the Tourist Pass depends on how many days you want to use it (1 to 7 days).

At the airport, take line 8 (pink line) to the Nuevos Ministerios station. From there, change to line 10 (dark blue line) and travel to the Alonso Martínez station. Then take line 5 (green line) to the La Latina station. When you arrive at this station, exit to the street and you’ll be just 150 metres’ walk from our hostel.

Even though this is the fastest route we recommend to get here from the airport as quickly as possible, we’re also surrounded by metro lines, which you’ll be able to use during your stay to get around the city. There are several metro stations located very close to the hostel’s entrance: Tirso de Molina, La Latina, Lavapiés, etc.

Getting here by bus

A transport service called “Express Aeropuerto” (Airport Express) that connects Barajas Airport and the city centre. You can get here quickly and directly (30-40 mins) from any of the airport terminals to Atocha-Renfe station, which is very close to our hostel. Also from Atocha station, you can take the metro (light blue line) to Tirso de Molina station and walk to the hostel from there.

You’ll be able to identify the bus easily thanks to its yellow colour. This line runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The line starts at Terminal 4, also stopping at T1 and T2, and ends at Atocha-Renfe station.

The ticket price is €5, which you can pay on the bus with cash, card or mobile phone (contactless).

Train - commuter trains

At Terminal 4 (level -1), you’ll find access to the Renfe commuter train network, which connects the airport and the city centre. Use the free shuttlebus service to get from terminals T1, T2 or T3 to T4. The price of a single ticket for the commuter train is €2.60.

Thanks to lines C1 and C10, you can get to Atocha-Renfe station in less than 30 minutes, take the metro (light blue line) from there to Tirso de Molina and then walk to the hostel from this station.


You can find a taxi rank at the Arrivals area for each airport terminal (T1, T2, T3 and T4). It’ll take you approximately 25 minutes to get to our hostel, though as you already know this will depend on what the traffic is like in the city when you’re travelling. The fixed price for the journey is €30.

Apps (Ride-sharing)

In Madrid, there are two ride-share companies: Uber and Cabify. To use them, you just need to open the app and request your car, which will arrive outside the airport to collect you in a few minutes.

Information on parking at TCH Lavapiés

If you like to drive, are a road warrior and prefer to arrive in a car or on a motorbike, the hostel has its own basement car park within the same building. This means that even though you’re going to be staying in the city centre, you don’t have to worry about where to leave your vehicle or where you’re going to park during your trip to Madrid. You just have to request your parking space when you make your booking or, if you haven’t done this in advance, request it on arrival at the hostel (subject to availability).

There are also parking spaces for charging electric cars.

Our recommendations for getting around Madrid


One of the greatest pleasures… losing yourself in the district of Lavapiés, a neighbourhood brimming with culture, multiculturalism, diversity, entertainment and fun. Enjoy the small details found in the city centre, including the cuisine, the urban art, the markets and the history of Madrid…and all this while burning calories.


The metro in Madrid, considered to be one of the most extensive and best in Europe, is a quick, cheap, efficient, functional and charming way to travel around the city. The Central House Lavapiés is surrounded by different metro lines and stops located just a few metres away, which will help you get anywhere in Madrid: museums, monuments, points of interest…in a very short amount of time.


Make the most of enjoying Madrid in an environmentally-friendly, very healthy way. It’s a great form of exercise and a way to enjoy the city at your own pace, as well as making the most of the many days of sunshine we have, while you benefit from being outdoors.

Madrid has a bicycle service called biciMad with many stations dotted around the city. You can use them as a pay-as-you-go basis without having to subscribe. There are also other specialist bicycle centres which offer the option of renting a bike for a few hours or days. These tend to be located close to the main tourist attractions.


When you go out on the street, you’ll find electric scooters located on the pavements in Madrid, which have become a daily mode of transport and a common sight across the city. There are different companies, but they all work the same way: you’ll have to download the app on your mobile phone, go to the scooter you want to use, add a payment method and scan the QR code attached to the scooter.

Pay-per-minute electric vehicle

Cars and motorbikes that don’t contaminate the air or make noise, with no worries about where to park or charge them up. We recommend registering on the Internet before you use them, so that you can become an approved user. You’ll also need an EU or international driving licence.

Some of the electric vehicle companies you can find in Madrid are Car2go, Emov, Zity and Wible for cars and Ecooltra, Muving, ioscoot, Movo and Acciona Motosharing for motorbikes.