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Fun for rent

Celebrate your event at TCH

The Terracita is ideal for your celebrations

At the highest point, on our rooftop terrace, you’ll have a space that lets you enjoy your events outdoors. With your friends, with your classmates, with whoever you like, you’ll be able to relax. And if you like, we can arrange a TV screen, music and a bar for your event.

  • Capacity 89 people
  • Size 130 m2
  • Equipment Splash Pool / Shower / Solarium
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The Apartamento... with a kitchen

Would you like a lounge just for you and your friends and classmates? We’re offering you our most private space, with everything you could possibly need. Want a catering service? We've got one! Want to give a presentation? We’ll provide you with all the media facilities you need! Want to host an outdoor event? We have a terrace for you! Download the information sheet, tell us your ideas and we’ll help you make these dreams come true.

  • Capacity 6-10 people
  • Size 35 m2
  • Equipment Kitchen / Bathroom / TV
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Our Playroom

Enjoy yourself, relax, have a go at some e-sports... In our Playroom, you’ll have access to a large catalogue of games so you can have fun with your friends. Use the PlayStation, Nintendo or try VIRTUAL REALITY!!! Ask about availability at reception, then go play!

  • Capacity 10-12 people
  • Size 22 m2
  • Equipment VR room / Cinema
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And you also have these extra options...

  • Catering

    We can cater for a coffee break, welcome drinks, finger food... And give you a chance to tuck into some calamari.
  • Audiovisual media

    Want to watch a game? Fancy an evening of karaoke? Do you need to give a presentation? Just tell us what you need and we’ll provide it.
  • Personalised design

    We’ll help you to personalise your event. Would you like a photo op designed for you and your friends?
  • Music

    Tell us if you want to have a boogie and our DJ will play some music for you. Just let us know what music you like and get moving!

Do you want to party?

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