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TCH Madrid - Lavapiés

The Central House has been a part of Lavapiés since 2019 and continues to foster culture and gastronomy for the neighbourhood.

TCH Porto - Ribeira

We opened our doors in Porto in a building declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in the famous Ribeira district.

TCH Barcelona - Gracia

We promote culture and local character from the heart of Barcelona, in the Gracia district.

TCH Lisbon - Baixa

We’re committed to local flavour, now in Lisbon. Come to visit our new location in the centre of the Portuguese capital, in the Baixa district.

TCH Marrakech - Medina

We’re looking for new local colours and flavours. A riad in the heart of the Medina district, Marrakech, eager to enjoy new experiences and to continue
promoting the local culture.

TCH Istanbul - Galata

Our cosmopolitan spirit with a local flavour takes us to new corners of the world. We now also have a presence in Galata.

Coming soon

We want to reach every corner of the world and your world. We want to keep growing little by little so that you have a TCH wherever you go.

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There's always plans in TCH

In Citynizer Plaza we always have some kind of plan for our Citynizers. If you like music, culture, gastronomy and any way of having fun, you’re one of us, you’re a Citynizer and your place is Citynizer Plaza.

Citynizer Plaza Lavapiés (Madrid)

Citynizer is our space for eating, drinking, talking, kissing… Our restaurant-bar-cinema-concert venue where everything happens. A place where you can have a good port, have a snack and let yourself be enveloped and taken away by the voices of the people you’re with or of our every day live acts.

Citynizer Plaza Ribeira (Porto)

A place to have a good Porto, to have a local snack and let yourself be enveloped by the voices of your friends or of our daily acts.