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The Central House Porto Ribeira

Rua de São João, 40,

4050-492 | Porto

Citynizer Plaza

Rua dos Mercadores, 39,

4050-373 | Porto

How to get here from the airport (Aeropuerto de Oporto-Francisco Sá Carneiro)

Private transfer

Private transfer from the airport (Porto) to our Hostel for 1-4 people.

The service must be booked 24 hours in advance. The date of the service, the full name of the passengers, the telephone or email of the owner, the flight number, the expected time of arrival, as well as the number of passengers together with the type and amount of luggage (maximum 2 large suitcases + 2 small ones) are mandatory information to make the reservation. In addition, the age and number of children (mandatory requirement by law) is absolutely necessary.

Cancellations are allowed up to 1 hour before arrival. In case of no-show, the transfer will still be charged.

***Please contact the hostel in advance in case you want to book a transfer providing the required information.

Getting here by metro

The quickest and easiest way to get here is the E line, Aeropuerto de Porto- Francisco Sá Carneiro, which is the colour violet, the train runs every 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the time and the day of the week. After getting the E line you have to switch to the D line getting off the train at São Bento, from here you’ll have to walk 7 minutes to the hostel.

Even though this is the option we recommend as it’s the fastest one from the airport, we’re surrounded by metro lines that you can use while you stay here to move around the city.

The single ticket in Porto costs 1,20€

Getting here by bus

There’s a bus service called “Get Bus” that takes you from the airport to the city’s metropolitan area in 25 minutes with no stops. When you arrive there you have to walk 2 minutes until you reach the 305 bus from Campo de 24 de Agosto to Pr. D. João I in only 6 minutes. From this last stop you only have to walk 12 minutes to the hostel’s door.

Another way of getting from the airport to the hostel by bus is taking the 601 from the airport stop to Cordoaria, this route takes 52 minutes, from this point you have to walk 11 minutes to get to the hostel.

the price for the Get Bus ticket is 2,80€



You can find a taxi stop in the arrival zone of the airport terminal. In general taxi’s take up to four people but you can request a bigger taxi. This route takes approximately 25 minutes to get to the airport even though it depends on the traffic. When the route includes tolls the amount to pay per passenger corresponds with the total amount of the trip plus the price of the tolls.

VTC (Ride-Hailing)

In Porto the two main operating VTC companies are: Uber and Cabify. To use them you only have to download the app and call your car, that will get to the airport to pick you up in just a couple of minutes after calling.

Information on parking at TCH Ribeira


If you like to drive or if you’re a road lover and prefer travelling with your own car, the hostel does not provide private parking but we do have a parking that’s located right next to the hostel where you can park your car. The closest thing is Saba Ribeira and you can book directly with them at if you wish to park in the street.

Our recommendations for getting around Porto


One of the greatest pleasures… losing yourself in the district of Ribeira, a neighbourhood brimming with culture, multiculturalism, diversity, entertainment and fun. Enjoy the small details found in the city centre, including the cuisine, the urban art, the markets and the history of Porto…and all this while burning calories.


The metro in Porto offers different options to move around Porto in the most comfortable way. The Central House Ribeira is surrounded by different metro lines and stops situated close by that will make it easier to get to anywhere in Porto (museums, monuments, interesting spots…) in a very short time.

There’s a tourist ticket (andante tour) that lasts 24 hours (7€ for the metro and bus lines in the whole metropolitan area) and the 72 hour one (15€ that cover metro and bus lines in the whole metropolitan area)


Take advantage of the oportunity to enjoy Porto in a more eco and healthy way. It’s a great way to excercise and enjoy the rythm of the city as well as taking advantage of the great number of sunny days enjoying a nice time in the daylight.

Porto has a bike service called Bird bike ( with multiple bike stations distributed around the city. You can use them as an occasional user without having to be a subscriber. There’s also a number of centers specialized in bikes that oofer the option to rent for a few hours or days and that are usually located in the vicinity of the main touristic spots.


As soon as you step on the street you’ll find electric scooters situated in the sidewalks that have become a daily form of transport in the city. Circ ( is the company in charge of giving this every day service to Porto.