FAQs and Policies

FAQs and

Bookings and cancellations

Can I cancel or modify my booking? How can I do this?

Yes, you can cancel or modify your reservation, as long as you have chosen a flexible rate. You can check this information in the confirmation of your reservation. If you want to cancel or modify your reservation, contact us via email info.baixa@grouptch.com

We can only modify or cancel reservations made through our website. If you have made the reservation through third parties, you will have to contact the corresponding platform.

Can I make a booking if I don’t have a debit or credit card?

No, we’re sorry, but you need to have a valid card (credit or debit) and sufficient funds to make a reservation.

Can I make a booking for another person using my credit card?

By internal policy, the credit card holder must match the person who is going to stay. In special circumstances, we may assess the possibility of accepting the reservation by requesting additional documentation to verify the authenticity of the cardholder. Make the reservation indicating your personal details and your card and the guest’s details. Subsequently, contact us at info.baixa@grouptch.com so that we can ask you for the information we consider appropriate.

Do you accept cheques?

No, we’re sorry, but we don’t accept cheques.

Do I need to bring the card I used to make my booking with me?

No, it is not necessary that you bring the card with which the reservation was made, but we will need a valid document (ID or passport) with a photograph when you arrive at the hostel. Keep in mind that the card provided when making the reservation will be the one used to charge it. The charge is made automatically through our system, at the time of making the reservation or on the day of entry, depending on the type of rate you have chosen.

I’ve made my booking, but I haven’t received a confirmation. What do I do now?

Don’t worry. First confirm that it is not in the spam mailbox. If not, please contact the hostel. Giving us your name and surname we will send you the confirmation of your reservation.

How long can I stay at the hostel?

The maximum stay that can be booked is 15 days.

How can I make a group booking?

If you are a group of up to 20 people, you can make your reservation directly through our website. If you are more than 20 people, you can send us your request to the email grupos.baixa@grouptch.com, or fill out the group form on our website.

Can I be sure that I and all my friends or family members will be able to sleep in the same room?

If you have reserved two or more beds, we will do everything possible so that you and your friends or family are accommodated in the same room, but we cannot guarantee it until the day of arrival. Please note that sometimes this is not possible for us. If you want to be sure that you are going to share the same room, it is best to reserve an entire room for private use. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Can minors who are under 18 stay at the hostel?

Yes, they can stay in the hostel, but they must be accompanied by an adult, and they must also stay in one of our private rooms. Minors cannot stay in a shared dormitory.

Do you have any offers, promotions or discount codes?

We have different offers available throughout the year. Just have a look at the offers section on our website to get more information and to ensure you get the best rate for your booking.

In the case of shared dormitories, can you choose a bunk bed before you arrive?

You can make a comment about your bunk preference when you make the reservation, and we will try to accommodate your request. However, we will not be able to confirm it until the day of arrival.

What types of rooms and dormitories are there?

We have private rooms (Double, Double Twin) and dormitories with 4, 6 and 8 beds. For one-bed reservations you can choose between female (4-bed) or mixed (4, 6 and 8-bed) dorms.

Do the prices you give on your website include taxes?

Yes, our prices include VAT.

Arrival and check-in

From what time can I use my room or bed? What time do I have to leave my room or bed?

You can check-in your room or bed from 3:00 p.m. If you arrive before that time, and your room or bed is already available, we can give you entry without problem.

You must leave your room or bed and check-out before 11:00 a.m. In case of not checking out before 11:00, the hostel may apply additional charges

Can I leave my room later than 11:00?

There is the possibility, for an extra cost, of making a late check-out until 1:00 p.m. (subject to availability). It will depend on the occupation we have in the hostel, so remember to request it when you check-in. If you have reserved a bed, we need you to check out before 11:00 am but you will be able to store your suitcase until you have to leave.

What do I do if I am going to arrive late to check in for my booking?

Nothing happens, because our reception is open 24 hours. But we need you to notify us about your arrival time so that we can keep your reservation. If you do not show up on the day of entry, we will cancel your reservation applying the corresponding expenses.

Can I come and go as I please at night, no matter the time?

Sure, no problem. Our reception is open 24 hours. At check-in we will explain how our system of access to the hostel works during the night.

Can I leave my luggage at the hostel before checking in or after checking out?

Yes, we have a room to store your suitcases, so you can enjoy the city or the hostel activities without having to carry your luggage.

How long can I leave my luggage stored at the hostel?

You can use our locker during the days of your stay, from the day of entry to the day of departure. Without a reservation, you cannot use this service.

Do you have accessible rooms?

Yes, our hostel has 1 fully accessible double room. If you have any special needs or if you need any kind of help, contact the hostel to request it so that we can guarantee its availability.

How do I get to the hostel?

Go to the how to get here section on our website where you’ll find detailed information on how to get to our establishment. There we advise you of the best way to get here, depending on your preferred mode of transport


Are the rooms equipped with hairdryers?

We have hairdryers in all rooms.

Are there towels in the rooms?

Our Double and Twin rooms all come with towels. They don’t come with the other private rooms and dormitories, but you can hire them for a fee of €2.50.

Do I need a padlock?

Yes, we recommend that you bring a padlock to be able to lock your locker. However, don’t worry if you forget to bring one, you’ll be able to buy or rent one from the hostel reception.

Do you allow pets at your hostel?

We’re sorry, you can’t bring your pet to our hostel. We only allow access guide dogs in our private rooms.

What are the beds at the hostel like? How big are they?

All our beds measure 90x190cm.

Is bed linen included in the rooms and dormitories?

Yes, you’ll find all the bed linen you need in your room.

Will there be shower gel and shampoo in my room?

You can buy other hygiene items you need for your stay at our reception.

Do the rooms and dormitories have fully-equipped bathrooms?

All the bathrooms in our rooms and dormitories have a private shower, sink and toilet, without the need to go out into the corridor.

What are the bathrooms at the hostel like?

All the bathrooms in our rooms and dormitories have showers, sinks and private WCs, without having to go out into the hallway.

Can I request for a package to be delivered to your hostel?

Yes, you can request for a package to be delivered to the hostel during your stay, but you’ll have to let our team at the hostel’s reception know so that the package isn’t sent back to the shipper. However, in this case, the hostel accepts no liability for loss of or damage to any package received.

Does the hostel have Wi-Fi?

Yes, there’s free Wi-Fi in all of the hostel’s rooms, dormitories and communal areas.

Can I request a cot for a baby?

Currently we do not have cots available in the accommodation.

Can I bring guests who are not staying at the hostel?

All friends or family are welcome at the hostel, but for security reasons, they will not be able to access the dormitory or room. However, you can use the common areas of our hostel until 10 pm.

Is there a laundry room at the hostel? Can I wash my clothes?

Unfortunately, we do not have laundry facilities on site.

Where can I store my luggage in the shared dormitories?

The hostel’s bedrooms have large individual drawers under the bunk beds. We advise you to bring a padlock to be able to close them, if not, you can buy or rent one at the reception.
The measurements of the drawers vary depending on the bedroom.

Does the hostel have parking?

No, the hostel does not have parking.

Can I request a travel adapter at the hostel, so I can charge my gadgets?

Yes, we have travel adapters that you can buy from the hostel’s reception.

Are any activities held at the hostel?

Currently we do not have activities available in the accommodation.

Can I hire a space at the hostel to host a private event?

We currently do not have spaces available to rent and hold a private event.

Our internal policies


To be able to check in at the hostel, you’ll need a valid identification document: passport or European ID.

The hostel reserves the right to request identification from anyone inside the building.


People under the age of 18 have to be accompanied by an adult when staying at the hostel. They won’t be able to stay in a shared dormitory; they’ll only be able to stay in private rooms accompanied by a person who is older than 18. In the event that the adult accompanying them is not one of their parents, we’ll need to see a signed parental consent form as well as a copy of their ID. If this policy isn’t followed, the hostel is cannot accommodate said customers.

In the case of groups, minors will be placed in rooms booked exclusively by the group and always accompanied by their teachers or supervisors, who will have to bring signed parental authorisations with them.

Payment for bookings

Payment for reservations with a non-refundable rate will be made immediately at the time of booking. Payment for flexible rates will be made automatically when the free cancellation period ends, at 2:00 p.m. to the card provided at the time of booking. In the event that the collection fails, the reservation would not be considered guaranteed and therefore could be cancelled. For reservations of several beds/rooms or long stays, the hostel may apply different conditions.


Food is not permitted in the hostel’s rooms or dormitories.


Smoking is not permitted in the hostel’s enclosed spaces.


Drug consumption is illegal in Portugal. Drug consumption is not permitted within the hostel. If anyone at the hostel consumes any drugs anywhere in the hostel, they will be asked to leave the establishment immediately without any obligation on the hostel’s part to provide any type of refund.


Alcohol will not be served to persons under the age of 18. Alcohol may only be consumed at the bar. Alcohol cannot be consumed in the rooms.


Respect for other customers and for the hostel’s neighbours is required at all times, as well as behaviour which respects all hostel property. Guests must refrain from behaving in a way that disturbs anyone at all times. If this isn’t the case, the hostel reserves the right to ask any guests, whether they’re staying at the hostel or not, to leave and to pay all fees and any additional costs immediately.

Customers will be liable for any damages or losses incurred at the hostel by them or by any of their guests. The hostel will hold guests staying at the hostel liable for the cost of any repairs, cleaning or replacement of goods that have been damaged, sullied or lost.


Animals are not allowed access to the hostel, except for guide dogs.

Personal items

The hostel is not liable for the loss or theft of or damage to guests’ personal items. We recommend keeping your belongings stored in the lockers located in the rooms at all times, and using a padlock to secure them.

Shared rooms

In shared rooms, you’ll only be able to use the bed that has been assigned to you by the hostel and its corresponding locker.

Check-in and check-out times

You can check-in your room/bed from 3:00 p.m. If your room/bed is available when you arrive at the hostel, you could check in, even if it is before 3:00 p.m. You must leave your room/bed and check-out before 11:00 a.m. If you do not check-out before 11:00 a.m., the hostel may apply additional charges.

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